I envy the relationship between Nathalie and Floyd. Their strong and sacred marriage is something that most women dream about. Their partnership is strong and it is grounded on the most beautiful essence of every relationship, which is from maturity, friendship, and having the same faith. Every person and mostly women, reading about this part of Floyd’s life will feel envious of how he feels and takes care of his wife. In addition, being able to share important insights on how to live in meaning and purpose is also wonderful life advice that Floyd teaches the readers - the majority of which are Black American people.

He wants us to know that we have the power to change our lives and it can only come from understanding ourselves, finding what we are most passionate about and then planning our life intelligently. Something worth your while reading! Read it and learn so many wonderful things!
Mary Hall
A great teaching from a great man. It becomes obvious too that this book is a living testimony of Floyd’s life as a Christian. Floyd as a Christian man, with deep insights into his inner self as a human being, is what makes this book well-rounded. It is a healthy discussion of what and where life will lead us if we are mindful. He is also reaching out to African American people because their trauma needs to be healed so that they can live a full and rich life!

Floyd is leaving a great legacy to his people. It is great to see that and it is a powerful tool that is bound to make a change in their life. If one seeks to meditate on his advice, follow through with his process, and live in a way that nourishes one’s spirit then we will all able to live a wonderful life as he did.
Cheers to an awesome life story that teaches people to live WELL!
Kevin white
Thinking BIG, thinking right, and always making room for our faith is what will make us a well-rounded person, capable of creating a wonderful life for ourselves and our family. His advice/s focuses on reaching out to the African American community. Having lived life now that he is 75 years old, Floyd is more aware, wise, and equipped to mentoring people of the same race. He shares their feelings of hate, feelings of victimhood, and helplessness. He knows that this is something that is destroying the lives of many Black families and his intent is to help them change and heal.

When the readers read his story, it will move them, and they will see that nobody is excused from the challenges that life presents us. Moreover, as the challenges continue to shake us, we have the ability to fight them and overcome them.
This is a powerful book and worth reading!
Michael Thompson
Floyd has shared a lot of great points about humanity and the flow of each person’s growth psychologically and spiritually. Human beings are meant to succeed and to live their purpose and yet so many do not know how to live it in such a way that fulfills them. So, this book will first teach African American men and women life skills. Skills that will sharpen their minds and will give them the insight and life management plans to make it into the world where they are continuously being oppressed and judged. Moreover, this book will also teach all of us! It is a general overview of one’s own life growth, how to understand that to work around it, and then plan one’s life in accordance with it.

Everyone should read this book! This should be a part of every student’s life academe before even graduating and choosing their life journey as adults.
Steven Rodriguez
A great piece that will help so many of us live wonderful lives
This is such an eye-opening and thoughtful read! Anyone reading it will learn in their hearts how to touch people in a comforting way. I also liked how this is dedicated to the African American community. We all know that their history was not a very pleasant one, and there has been a lot of remorse, regret, and anger in them that needs to be healed. This book will surely help them because it teaches them how to heal themselves, understand, and use that to teach others, their children, and the people around them.

Conducting yourself with integrity, love, and focus on the life that you want to live is essential to one’s success and growth. I am glad that someone talks about it and teaching it to the collective part of society. We all deserve to live wonderful lives and that starts with knowing the SELF.
Cheers to great writing and wonderful insights!
Robert Robinson
A great book that will teach people how to live a quality life centered on the understanding of our psychology, our relationship with God, and the people around us.

This is a profound manual that will make people see how they have been living their lives and what they can do to make certain adjustments to be able to achieve a “healthier version of the self”. I personally believe that as a 38-year-old woman, single and yet financially stable, that it might be too late for me to raise children, and will be missing out on the joys of being a mother. Moreover, I am being reminded too that this is not the only way to feel happiness in my life. Having wonderful, stable, and enriching relationships with people is also something that will make me feel good about myself and my life. It also made me realize that carving out a wonderful life comes from a well-thought-out plan, which many of us fail to think about until time passes us by. Therefore I implore people to read this book. Most people want to start a family. They are the best person to influence because the moment we become parents is the time that we help shape the future.
Matthew Martin
A wonderful read! It is an eye-opener for every African American person that when one is Christ-centered, thoughtful, and balanced, one can continue to be victorious in spite of the collective trauma that they are facing. Also, it will teach them that before one can open one’s heart to God, healing oneself is important, and this book provides some insights about that as well.

Healing one’s self from the collective pain and trauma of Black slavery and oppression is a huge problem that has impacted so many African American lives. The good news? It doesn’t have to affect them anymore, and they can make a clean slate. Floyd tells them that it must first come from acknowledging that there is this hate that permeates within us, starting from conception, and that there is a way to avoid that and that they do not need to be defined by it.

A great book meant to enlighten and give hope to the majority of the African American people in the world.
Joseph Thomas
A guidebook on how to live a flourishing, centered, and healthy life.

Floyd wrote this amazing book to reach out to the Black American people, the same race as he is. They share this collective trauma coming from the history of abuse and societal prejudices, and he wants to tell them that they too can heal and overcome that... just like he did. But how? Well, Floyd shared his story and he shared his insights backed up with psychological studies and Biblical influences that will make anyone easily relate to his advice.

This is truly a wonderful guidebook, not only for African American people but also for people who aspire to live a fulfilling and joy-filled life. Looking forward to more of his works!
Paul Garcia