The Bible says in Psalm 90:10, As the days of your life they contain seventy years, "....which is
equavalent to three scores plus ten or if due to strenght, eighty years..."


Life: Four Quarters Plus Overtime

Life: Four Quarters Plus Overtime is a book created specifically with the African American community in mind.

The Book include cutting-edge commentary from experts in the field of psychology, public health, education, religion, genonrology, and the healing arts. Each chapter/quarter have African American proverbs, cultural maxims, quotes, stories, and words of wisdom from black achievers, along with biblical scripture that will strengthen our faith and belief and helps us interpret and experience our lives in a vastly different way.

The book conclude (Epilogue) with Mr. Griffins Life Four Quarters plus Overtime Memoirs.

Readers' reaction

I envy the relationship between Nathalie and Floyd. Their strong and sacred marriage is something that most women dream about. Their partnership is strong and it is grounded on the most beautiful essence of every relationship, which is from maturity, friendship, and having the same faith.
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Mary Hall
A great teaching from a great man. It becomes obvious too that this book is a living testimony of Floyd’s life as a Christian. Floyd as a Christian man, with deep insights into his inner self as a human being, is what makes this book well-rounded.
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Kevin white
Thinking BIG, thinking right, and always making room for our faith is what will make us a well-rounded person, capable of creating a wonderful life for ourselves and our family. His advice/s focuses on reaching out to the African American community.
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Michael Thompson
Floyd has shared a lot of great points about humanity and the flow of each person’s growth psychologically and spiritually. Human beings are meant to succeed and to live their purpose and yet so many do not know how to live it in such a way that fulfills them.
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Steven Rodriguez
A great piece that will help so many of us live wonderful lives